1. jwerner said: Why does my voice sound so different (and more embarasing) when I listen to a recording of it, while my friends think it does, in fact, sound like me (and vice-versa)?


    I listen to myself talk on SciShow and Vlogbrothers all the dang time, so it’s something I’ve gotten used to, but I remember when I first started doing this I HATED the sound of my voice. The way that we learn how to talk is super complicated, but largely involves us listening to other people talk, and then mimicking those noises with our mouths. That involves matching what our vocal chords and mouths are doing with what our ears are hearing. However, we hear our own voices very differently than we hear other people’s voices simply because it’s INSIDE OF OUR HEAD. 
    When you hear your voice as you talk, you hear the sound that’s travelling out of your mouth…sound conducted by air, but also the sound bouncing around in your head…conducted by your flesh and bones. All that thicker fleshy stuff does a better job of transmitting lower tones than higher tones, so our voices in our heads actually tend to sound deeper and more resonant. But the big difference is simply that, when you hear it recorded, you’re not hearing your voice as you’ve heard it your whole life…you’re hearing it as other people hear it. This doesn’t mean that it’s worse, just that it feels really odd to hear your voice without all of the components you’re used to, and that can be unsettling since, y’know, you’ve been listening to yourself talk for, I presume, a pretty long time. 

  2. garykendal said: What influenced your decision to make Desire from The Sandman androgynous? As in why did you decide to make them both androgynous and a sex symbol, rather than the usual sexuality through femininity that seems to be the most common in storytelling? I'm sorry if that makes no sense, it's very late and I'm kind of tired (which is probably why I managed to work up the nerves to talk to you).


    It didn’t make sense to me to make Desire male or female. I started with the idea of someone who was attractive to you, whoever you are, and whatever sort of person you liked. And it seemed like Desire was much too big and important a concept to contain just one gender, or, for that matter, just two.

  3. vulpinevixen:

My outfit from yesterday thanks to a fellow blogger x

Those shoes are so cute!


    My outfit from yesterday thanks to a fellow blogger x

    Those shoes are so cute!



    ❤ male:
    ❤ female:
    ✖ least favorite:
    ✔ who resembles me:
    ❤ most attractive:
    ❤ three more characters that i like:

  5. Anonymous said: You seriously need to get into voice acting or something because that was the best imitation of a cat noise I have ever heard you my friend are talented



    I’m a loser so have all of my cats.

    My Rebecca kitty sounds like your Snowshoe. Such a sweet pretty voice.This is Roxanne and she sounds like someone turned Fran Drescher into a cat and it’s horrible. She meows all the time.

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    1. Favoutire type of fashion.

    Nu-goth has my heart right now. 

    2. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


    3. Dream occupation?

    Raising large cats.

    4. Any unusual hobby/habit?

    I refuse to use the dishwasher.

    5. Are you watching any anime/series right now? How do you find it?

    I’m watching Futurama right now. It’s a pretty good show but I only started re-watching it because my friend put it on.

    6. One object you really treasure/is very special to you.

    It’s not one thing but I have an incomplete set of matchbox carousel horses that belonged to my great grandma. I saw them once when I was little and I used to have dreams about them. When she died a few years ago they were one of the only things I was able to keep and they remind me a lot of her and the dreams stopped.

    7. Got/want any piercings/tattoos? Describe them!

    I have a tattoo of The Glass Cat from the wizard of oz books and  an Awen. I would like a piece incorporating a memorial of the cats I’ve lost. And maybe if I’m stupid and impulsive I’ll get a tattoo of Mordhaus’s blueprints because I love Metalocalypse because it’s an awesome show and for personal reasons.

    8. A fact about your personality.

    I love cats.

    9. What I love most about myself!♥

    I love how grumpy I am. I’m like a silly grumpy old man yelling at a cloud.

    10. Weirdest thing someone has told you?

    I was at a premiere for a little indie short film (it was dumb) and this drunk middle aged lady was lecturing me on how I was beautiful and amazing but I was hiding behind my red lipstick. 

    11. Which country/countries would you like to visit and why?

    I’d like to visit most/all of northern Europe because it’s just so beautiful there it like hurts my heart especially Siberia and Iceland. I also want to visit Wales because I have a group of friends over there. I also have distant family in Hungary that I’d like to meet.  

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  7. okaywowcool:

    9 nu goth closet basics

    • simple black skater dress - example. something with some nice volume at the bottom to wear with tights and big clunky boots that’s perfect for casual and more formal occasions.
    • slouchy black sweater - example. preferably something a little lighter so you can layer it in more ways, during more seasons. 
    • boyfriend cardigan - example. something chunky to wear as a voluminous top look to pair with skinnier looks, like something just with a top and leggings.
    • chunky scarf - example. another nice layering piece that is just very versatile in different types of weather and makes you look like a futuristic badass.
    • graphic leggings - example. striped, mesh inserts, pretty much anything would work for the print. it would spice up most all black outfits and break up your silhouette with something more obviously punky.
    • boots - example. something that would be really easy to thrift, honestly, and you could substitute it for most black flats, creepers, or heels. i think boots are easy to dress up or down though, and they’re just comfy and make you feel like you can kick people’s teeth in.
    • tight pencil skirt skirt - example. another piece that can go from casual to formal really easily, and can go with tights, leggings, or by itself.
    • cute draped tank - example. good for warmer days and just as a top to layer with all sorts of stuff. something longer would be rad if you want to just rock leggings with it.
    • cute funky hat - example. i love this look, not everyone might be into it, but i think it’s such a nice modern witchy look that goes really well with long drapey silhouettes. 

    those are just some easy, versatile starting pieces if you’re looking to start building some nu goth in your closet! picking stuff that could also be worn to formal events or work is always smart in my experience so your alternative style stuff can be used in more formal/toned down situations like the work place or dinner out with your family!

  8. I was mad so I took his nose and he isn’t getting it back tonight.

    I was mad so I took his nose and he isn’t getting it back tonight.

  9. Sometimes you don’t realize something is wrong until you take a picture.

    Sometimes you don’t realize something is wrong until you take a picture.

  10. engagedbbw:


    Bob Ross’ show The Joy Of Painting has always brought a sense of calm and serenity to the mad world in which I live. I can’t paint a stroke, but watching this man create beautiful scenery while listening to his soothing voice is gift enough for me.

    You can watch all 31 seasons (403 episodes) here:


    Hopefully, this might bring a little colour into your world whenever you are feeling low.

    Oh Bob Ross…love him

  11. cisruining:


    please don’t use the term “gay marriage”, “marriage equality” is a much better term and doesn’t include the bi, pan, and trans erasure

    also don’t use same-sex

  12. (Source: elarrette)

  13. geardrops:



    There are a bunch of human shaped gates in the middle of Times Square….and people are trying to fit themselves in them…..holy shit…..

    The Enigma of Times Square Fault.


  14. okaywowcool:

    hey everyone! i decided it was time to have my first giveaway! i’ve been slowly amassing cute things that either are duplicates or don’t quite fit me, and what better way to get rid of them than to give them to my lovely followers!!! 

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